Lo-Ke Musik

     Lo-Ke Musik creates ground breaking, motivating, and creative songs that heal.  There's just something about the smooth-melodic feel of Lo-Ke Musik's sound ...The way they express love from God and their love for God makes you want more of what they have. Forming this duo is a result of serving as worship leaders and realizing that their collaborative sound has a healing and soothing effect on their listeners. When you lose someone, fail at something, or just go through really tough times your heart can break into a million pieces and you want to find a place to heal. Lo-Ke Musik is that sweet place you can go to heal.   The decision to offer the world Lo-Ke Musik has come with the release of their debut album, Love is Key. This phenomenal duo is proud to say this dream happened only through prayer, sweat, tears, and support from their family-fan base. This album is a derivative of real music. You can name any genre and find a song on this album to match from Acoustic, Christian, Soul, Pop, Jazz, and the list goes on and on.  The duo is humbled that God has used them as a conduit to a sound that simply flows out as the air you breathe. If there ever was a time to let music connect with your heart and tug on those strings that time is now.  

    Breaking News!

    Debut Single Pre-Release "Love Is Key" 

    Available 7/7/17 on Itunes


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